Softball Senior Salute: Brittany Vergason

Softball Senior Salute: Brittany Vergason

Name: Brittany Vergason

Hometown/High School: Nichols, NY / Tioga

Bio  |  Career Stats

Major: Occupational Therapy

Plans for next year: Grad school at Keuka College for Bachelor in Occupational Therapy

Career goal: Just to help others, which is why occupational therapy is the job for me

Favorite memory with the team: 6am practices that we all dreaded and every home game day. There's no other feeling like walking out on your field with Centerfield by John Fogerty playing.

Other activities at Keuka College: Volleyball for 3 years and SAAC for two years

What advice would give to freshmen on the team: Do not take any game, practice, BP, or overnight with the team for granted. Embrace every opportunity you are given to play the sport we all love and always give everything you have. You never know when it will be the last game you will ever play. Work hard and earn your spot on the field and in the line up and shine during game days. Prove to not only the fans and coach, but also to yourself that you belong on that field and show everyone what you work your tail off for during 6am practices.

What would you tell someone looking at coming to Keuka College to play softball: Coach is going to be hard on you, but when she stops correcting you and yelling at you is when you should worry. The passion Coach and Mr. Coach have for the game is undeniable and they will push you hard when they see potential in you. Take their advice not only to the field, but also to life and trust their process.

What does it mean to be a part of the #KCFamily: Being part of the #KCFamily is something that you can't quite describe. The friends and family I gained over the years of being part of the KC Softball team are people I will cherish for the rest of my life. Softball is the only reason I stayed at Keuka College.

From Coach Burke: Brittany is one of the best defensive players to play for us.  She is a natural in the outfield, third base and behind the plate,  I was really looking forward to Brittany having a breakout offensive year to balance out her defensive performance.  Her leadership skills will also be missed immensely.

A message from Brittany: Coach, thank you for texting me my freshman year and asking why you were hearing that I was not going to come out for the team. If it weren't for that message I would have transferred to a different college and who knows where I would be now. Another thank you to Mr. Coach for pushing us hard, but keeping stressful times light with your pregame dancing! You both have given me a whole new meaning to the sport of softball.


Our seniors had their Keuka College spring season cut short because of the global pandemic. Over the next several weeks we will take the opportunity to thank and honor each of these seniors who demonstrated such strength, dedication and support to their sport, to Keuka College Athletics and throughout their time at Keuka College. We are so proud to have them as part of our #KCFamily and we can't wait to see what they do next!  #gratitudeforKCSeniors2020