Choose Your Own Adventure
We can help you find and plan your next adventure. Check out our list and sort by difficulty, distance, and activity type at the link below. Once you find something for you, contact Dan Mackey,, to help you plan it.




Off-Campus Trips
Don’t starve your inner adrenaline junkie. If you live for that rush, or you just want to see if you can do something crazy, sign up for any of our day or weekend trips! With multiple off-campus trips a semester you’ll find your perfect adventure in no time. 

On-Campus Adventure
We’re all about kicking your campus life up a notch. Why just walk to class, hang out on the ground, and sleep in the residence halls, when there is parkour to be learned, high ropes to climb, and campouts to be had? You and your friends can set up your own adventure, or join in on the ones we create throughout the year, as long as you’re ready to get pumped up.

If you and your friends are the types of people to take adventure into your own hands, our equipment checkout system makes it easy to use our camping gear, kayaks, and other necessities. You’ll also be able to join in on our bonfires, bi-annual campus campouts, night climbing and other events all year long! 

Leadership and Skill Development
It takes more than just book smarts to be successful; quality leadership and group skills play a major role in doing well. Our TeamWorks program gives you the opportunity to develop, practice, and polish the skills that can’t be learned from a book. 

With our interactive programming, among other things, you’ll learn how to motivate others, communicate effectively, and resolve conflicts. Classes, organizations, teams, and clubs across campus take advantage of this practical, and ridiculously fun, tool to create stronger teams, bonds, leaders, and reinforce what’s being taught in the class.