Equestrian Senior Salute - Bethany Evans

Equestrian Senior Salute - Bethany Evans

Name: Bethany Evans

Hometown/High School: Friendsville, PA / Montrose Area

Major: Occupational Therapy

Plans for next year: Obtain Master's degree at Keuka College

Career goal: Occupational Therapist

Favorite memory with the team: Practices and bus rides to shows were always a fun time!

Other activities at Keuka College: Freshman and sophomore year I was a member of the Keuka College Dance Team

What advice would give to freshmen on the team: Always push yourself and take deep breathes. No matter what darkness you are going through, at the end of the day there will always be light.

What would you tell someone looking at Keuka College: Keuka is a place to make strong connections and relationships with not only other students on campus but also the faculty and staff. Everyone is willing to help each other and I could not have chose any other school to experience the opportunities Keuka had to offer.

What does it mean to be a part of the #KCFamily: You build so many bonds and friendships at Keuka and you do feel like you are apart of a family. But not just one.. many.. with your friends, your professors and advisors, and your teammates.

From Coach Bedient: Bethany Evans is a hard worker that has had to overcome numerous obstacles to get where she is today. It is her determination that makes her stand out. I have no doubts that she will push her way through any obstacle she might come to in the future. 

A message from Bethany: I want to thank Keuka for allowing me to grow as an individual and really learn who I am and who I want to continue to be.


Our seniors had their Keuka College spring season cut short because of the global pandemic. Over the next several weeks we will take the opportunity to thank and honor each of these seniors who demonstrated such strength, dedication and support to their sport, to Keuka College Athletics and throughout their time at Keuka College. We are so proud to have them as part of our #KCFamily and we can't wait to see what they do next!  #gratitudeforKCSeniors2020