Reflections on the Message of Julia Garcia

Left to Right: Brooke Guernsey (WSOC), Sierra Barker (WSOC), Julia Garcia, McKenna Pettit (WSOC), Ben Rath (MLAX)
Left to Right: Brooke Guernsey (WSOC), Sierra Barker (WSOC), Julia Garcia, McKenna Pettit (WSOC), Ben Rath (MLAX)

KEUKA PARK, N.Y. – The Keuka College Department of Athletics welcomed speaker Julia Garcia to campus on Sunday, March 12 to deliver her presentation "Sex, Drugs, Alcohol and Everything in Between." Below are reflections from student-athletes, coaches, and administrators who attended the presentation.

Allison Ariola, Freshman, Women's Soccer

I thought Julia's approach to talking about the sensitive topics she brought up was innovative. She approached these topics in a way that made her audience empathize her past. She created a connection and made the audience of student-athletes realize that bad things can happen to them. Some of her personal experiences were very shocking and I think that's why she had such a big affect on the audience. Personally, I will always rethink my decisions because I realize that I am not invincible to bad things happening to me. Julia's speech was very effective and I am glad I attended her speech.

Gary Broadhurst, Head Men's & Women's Golf Coach, Asst. Women's Basketball Coach

I thought that Julia Garcia did a good job relaying her message to the audience. She was informative and really engaged the student body.

Tyler Broderick, Freshman, Baseball

Julia Garcia did an excellent job of engaging our student athletes in very important and difficult topics to discuss. Garcia was able to discuss topics such as drugs and alcohol addiction and relate them back to us as college students. Garcia brought an extra something to the table in being able to relate to us as student-athletes as she played sports through college just as we are. Garcia was extremely upbeat and strong willed in trying to bring such difficult topics to light with our student athletes.

Shelby Lamb, Freshman, Field Hockey

Julia Garcia had a great message tonight at her presentation. I took a lot away from it. She made it clear that no matter what happens in life, you are worth it. She had a lot of things she went through in college between drugs, alcohol, and sex that caused herself a lot of trouble but she never gave up on herself. Julia was a nice inspiration and I truly enjoyed attending this event. I personally really liked when the lights went out and she asked us questions making us stand up if we related, to show us that we are never alone. I would definitely recommend seeing her to others.

Alex Milazzo, Junior, Equestrian

I really liked Julia Garcia's talk. I think that it really brought us together as a school. I learned that there are a lot of people on campus that are going through things just like I am. She really made you feel like you weren't alone in whatever fight you were going through. Her section of asking questions really made you get to know everyone in the room and was one of my favorite parts. Overall I was really glad I had the opportunity to go to this event it definitely gave me a new sense of strength.

Tom Reynolds, Sophomore, Men's Soccer & Men's Golf

I loved the speaker last night. She was very open to her past experiences which made me feel more comfortable answering her questions. I am glad that we were able to hear her talk and I would listen to her again if I could!

Megan Wilbur, Junior, Softball

She was definitely brave to stand up in front of that many people and share her story. She had us answer some deep questions by standing up and it was nice to see that we aren't alone in many on the situations. Her spoken poems were an interesting way of telling her stories and keeping us interested. Some of the stories she told were very relatable.

Michelle Wojnar, Senior Women's Administrator, Cheer, Step & Dance Coach

Julia Garcia was very energetic and engaging for our students. She was able to talk to difficult topics, such as sex, alcohol and drugs on college campuses, all while constantly motivating students to be true to themselves, be supportive of others, and ultimately to believe in themselves and create the best possible paths for their futures.

A long line of students formed to talk to and thank Julia after the presentation. I heard positive feedback from my athletes. They really liked that Julia was young and easy to relate to. They were able to laugh at her jokes, take in her stories, and interact with her presentation.